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Just pick up,
it’s for you!

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You’re not alone.

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You become the best version of yourself.

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Just pick up,
it’s for you!

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actio: is the latin equivalent to action. Intention does not cut it. Consistency fused with repetition is how we can realise our full potential. actio: gives you access to renowned mentors in various fields. Live only, we activate you and your community, human to human. We enable coaching for body and mind anywhere and affordably. Get active and pick up!

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actio: offers you a variety of sessions that deliver sustainable success. Nutrition, mindfulness to creativity, and fitness - the most renowned mentors call you live. Anywhere and anytime that suits you.

Innovative, live & renowned

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Tee Major


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Anastasia Shevchenko


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Lorelle Dehnhard


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Vanessa McMann

Yoga & Fitness

We don’t believe in AI mentors and pre-recordings. What we do believe in are real, human connections. United, we believe that we can achieve more. Thus we connect you to real mentors and your peers. Live, anywhere and anytime that suits you.

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Nikita Fahrenholz and Daniel Stahlkopf founded actio: both highly experienced in the field of tech and always on the outlook to realise their full potential. Delivery Hero and foodspring are only to mention two successes. Their goal is to create a platform where anyone is enabled to realise the best version of themselves.

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